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Natural Hypersthene Black Flash Egypt Crystal Beads Bracelet

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Our Hypersthene Black Flash Egypt Bracelet has a beautiful black blue color hypersthene gemstone bead. The bracelets are available in 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm beads sizes. When the words are brought together, the meaning becomes “over strength”. The stone also goes by another name, “Orthopyroxene”, but Hypersthene is the more commonly used name, especially when it is referred to in the metaphysical context. The mineral composition of Hypersthene includes magnesium, iron, and varying amounts of silicon and other minerals. Hypersthene is known for its unusual optical uniqueness because its appearance often depends on the direction in which you look at them. It contains an abundance of metaphysical powers that can aid a person in numerous ways in life. 

The most important purpose for using the Hypersthene Stone Crystal Beads Bracelet is to help with meditation. Hypersthene is a powerful and highly beneficial crystal when it comes to developing one’s psychic abilities. This is because the healing that you would hope to achieve with meditation is largely facilitated by the crystal, which will ease the process of healing for you. Known for its effect on psychic powers, Hypersthene will activate your third eye chakra, which has much to do with your intuition and gut feeling. In fact, even simply being in the presence of the stone will help you develop your psychic gifts because its vibrations will touch all areas of your auric field. Not everyone is blessed with a strong gift of clairvoyance, and even those who are may often find it difficult to use this gift to its full potential. Not treated in any way! Great for jewelry making! Order now!

  • Flashy, stretch bracelet, crystal healing, crystal gift. 
  • The stone aids with a person’s journey to achieving success. 
  • Hypersthene is known as a “magical stone” for precisely this reason. 


  • Stone Type: Natural Hypersthene
  • Bead Size: 8-14mm Round Beads
  • Gender: Women And Men
  • Style: Trendy
  • Side Stone: Crystal
  • Item Type: Bracelets
  • Shape\pattern: Round
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Natural Hypersthene Black Flash Egypt Crystal Beads Bracelet - Fortune Luck Success

Natural Hypersthene Black Flash Egypt Crystal Beads Bracelet

$199.00 $499.00

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