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Natural Green Hetian Jade Gemstone Round Beads Bracelet

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Lovely worn on our Natural Green Hetian Jade Bracelet own or stack together with other gemstone or wooden stretchy bracelets. Hetian Jade has the meaning and properties to strengthen the owner's confidence. The bracelet is available in 16mm beads size. Hetian Jade is a gemstone to reduce failures and increase successes. It will support you to accumulate success steadily. It continues to support you until it ultimately gets big success. It is a healing stone that holds the power to keep calm. It is also used when you want to be released from negative energy such as tension and anxiety. You will regain your usual daily life. It prevents you from being caught in the current frame. 

Our Hetian Jade Gemstone Round Beads Bracelet features little distribution volume. You cannot obtain it unless you visit a shop that is highly specialized. Please keep in mind that there are many inexpensive counterfeiters. It is almost impossible to distinguish real from counterfeit with the naked eye. Hetian Jade has the meaning and properties to build up luck. It is popular as a gemstone to realize dreams and wishes. It gives the power according to the strength of the wish given out by the owner. It is a versatile amulet corresponding to "fortune luck", "love luck" and "health luck". The owner will be able to earn the happiness the owner wants. You will gain the necessary power to achieve your purpose. It is effective also when you want to make a big plan succeed. Click to order now!

  • You will gain the strength to proceed with confidence. 
  • This is a gemstone to give you strong will and courage. 
  • It prevents you from being distracted by negative emotions and thoughts. 


  • Stone Type: Natural Green Hetian Jade
  • Bead Size: 16mm
  • Gender: Women And Men
  • Style: Trendy
  • Side Stone: Crystal
  • Item Type: Bracelets
  • Shape\pattern: Round
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Natural Green Hetian Jade Gemstone Round Beads Bracelet - Fortune Luck Success

Natural Green Hetian Jade Gemstone Round Beads Bracelet

$399.00 $599.00

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