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Egg Crystal Ornament Stone

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Egg Crystal Ornament Stone 

Bring the power of healing crystals into your home with our custom-made Amethyst Ornaments. Small in size but huge in meaning, this egg crystal makes for a stylish keepsake to give you confidence and inner peace.

Let the powerful energies of the Egg Crystal Ornament Stone harmonize your essence into an enlightened being. Enjoy the comfort of your sanctuary, let your worries drift into the ethers, and lift your soul to its prime—even during stressful times.

Why get yours?


  • Premium Quality: Crafted from 100% natural stone crystals with meticulous attention to detail, these Amethyst Crystal Ornaments are smooth and beautiful to the touch, but they become even more beautiful when worn close to the skin.
  • Good for Relaxation: With its stunning egg-shaped form, this crystal will give you a sense of grounding and order as well as promote inner peace and balance. This crystal will shield you against harmful vibrations and energies, giving you time to de-stress. Anywhere, anytime!
  • A beautiful piece: No matter the user, Amethyst is a valuable gemstone. Families enjoy its calming powers, and fashionistas love its versatility. Regardless of whether it is a display piece for your home or an ornamented stone, a stone like this looks great either way.
  • Exceptional Gift: A popular choice for those looking for a bold statement, Amethyst is a beautiful stone with unique characteristics. It makes an excellent gift for those who want something with meaning.

This powerful stone boasts a beautiful appearance, as well as the healing properties of Amethyst and other stones to choose from. Great for meditation and healing your chakras, these egg crystals guard against psychic attacks, while keeping negative energies away and bringing peace and harmony to your home.

Let this beautiful egg crystal calm your mind and soothe your soul with luxurious protection from all the chaotic energies of the world. Grab yours now!


Gemstone: Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Opal, Redstone, Clear Quartz, Lazuli, Aventurine, Obsidian, Rose Quartz

Color: Purple Pink Green Red White

Material: Natural Stone and crystal

Weight: 15-60g

Size: 20*30mm, 25*40mm, 30*45mm


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Egg Crystal Ornament Stone - Fortune Luck Success

Egg Crystal Ornament Stone

$27.97 $95.88

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