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Skull Symbolism

Skull Symbolism - Fortune Luck Success

Crystal Skulls are a wonderful tool you can use to help protect your mind, emotions, and consciousness from external energy. These skulls can also help strengthen your spiritual connection through balancing your crown chakra and opening your channel to the divine. While skulls are often associated with death and darkness, their true symbolism is much more powerful and uplifting than you may think.

The human skull is a remarkable structure. It is the part of our body that we use to think, feel, and speak. Our skulls house our brains and protect our delicate facial features. Skulls have been found in archaeological sites all over the world, and they can tell us a lot about our ancestors and their cultures. The skull is a universal symbol of death and the underworld. It can represent wisdom, knowledge, power, and other qualities associated with being alive but removed from everyday life. In many cultures, skulls are used to decorate homes or graves as an indicator of status or power. Some believe that our soul exists within the middle of our head and that the skull is the divine protection that keeps our spiritual energy contained and safe.

Throughout history, there has been a fascination with our head's structure, as it has appeared in various pieces of artwork, texts, and today in modern media. It's no secret that the part of our anatomy holds an immense amount of power. While the skull has a significant physical purpose, it also contains powerful symbolism that reflects how important it is for our physical existence and our empowerment, spirituality, and universal truth.


Transformation is often associated with skulls. They undergo the longest and most profound process of our being. The skull transitions throughout every season of life and every season after the death. Because of this, skulls can help bring about powerful changes in your life. Skulls welcome new, fresh energies and inspire new ways of being.


The skull is the energetic home for our brains, awareness, minds, and consciousness. They are the protective home that houses our innate wisdom and understanding. The soul resides within the third eye or the direct center of the head. Skulls are a perfect representation of the universal intelligence that exists all throughout life. For anyone seeking wisdom, truth, and a greater understanding of their spirituality, skulls can help uncover these answers from deep within the core of their minds.


Because skulls are often associated with death, they are also associated with the process of transcendence that we will all experience. Skulls remind us that although life is magnificent, much more exists beyond life and death. You can also use skull energy within your current life to help transcend different patterns of beliefs and perspectives or help you overcome any challenges you may face.

The Unknown

Skulls are often associated with the unknown. Throughout life, the skull exists beneath the surface. Because the skull is also associated with death, this furthers its symbol of the unknown, because death cannot be discovered until it happens. The subconscious mind can be assessed through using skull symbolize in my life, because this aspect of your mind lives beneath the surface just as a skull does.




From the moment we are born, the beginning of our individual experience begins. We see our external bodies grow, mature, thrive, age, and eventually diminish throughout our entire lifetime. Our physical appearance is often regarded as a marker of time for where we're at in our lives. But, there is something that is a much more significant marker of time past. The skull appears when "time" itself ceases to exist because the skull lives on even beyond the life and death of an individual. Skulls are a symbol that a part of you exists beyond what our minds perceive as time.

Inner Strength

Skulls are a symbol of strength and protection. Like any bone, a skull remains intact and solidified for a very long time. These anatomical parts represent the power that exists throughout all life and the strength that the divine contains to create such powerful, long-lasting material. The energy within a skull is impenetrable, concise, and holds an

We Are All One

In ancient times, skulls were often used as symbols to represent that we are all one. They were seen as a reminder that we are all connected and part of the same universe despite our differences in appearance. Skulls were also used as symbols of death and rebirth, representing the cycle of life. Today, skulls continue to be popular symbols of rebellion and individuality. They remind us that we are all unique individuals with our own stories to tell.

Skulls symbolize peace

Peace is often associated with skull symbolism because it represents the end of the cycle of life. Lessons have been learned, challenges have been overcome, and karma has been dealt with. The skull represents that state there are no more desires, needs, or the constant stimuli of our five senses. Skulls can help remind you to let go of everything that's been weighing you down and realize that peace is always present, and it always available for you.

Skulls are one of the most unique and diverse symbols used throughout mankind. Even though they have been marked as a symbol of death, their true symbolism and meanings often reflect a much more empowered and transformative message. The energy of a skull is a power-house of change, infinity, peace, connection, strength, and transcendence. Each of us contains a piece of this power and has the ability to embody the abilities that it holds. You can incorporate this transformative energy into your life by keeping a crystal skull in your home, wearing skull jewelry, or by meditating on tapping into this innate energy that exists within you.

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