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Astrological Predictions For 2023

Astrological Predictions For 2023 - Fortune Luck Success

Right around the corner, 2023 is set to be a year to remember, that many astrologists are looking forward to. The transits in the sky centre around one discovering what they truly want or need as they move through the world. This brings a lot of learning when it comes to making decisions, what or who is most important to them at each part of the journey.

In the end, this energy could play out with the grand ending for most where people will discover they need to love themselves the most when taking action to build the life they want.

Starting With Wisdom

When the new year starts, we will already be at end of the previous year’s Mars Retrograde. This retrograde would end our season of misunderstandings where we were learning lessons around conflicts, passion, energy and sex and being careful about our communication. With this heavy energy slowly easing off our backs, the year ahead will feel lighter already.

Jupiter Lighting Our Courage & Passion

Expansion, abundance and luck are the themes of energy for the first five months of the year. The generous planet of Jupiter will be entering into the fiery sign of Aries. A simple translation of this is that fire will be added to the already feisty, indulgent and passionate parts of ourselves and will be an ideal time to connect to our courage.


Our drive will increase to seek more experiences for ourselves in this ego’s pursuits which will bring a “me-first” attitude that will help us to lead ourselves into freedom and our ideal life.

Taurus & Jupiter’s Golden & Sensual Dance

Then at the beginning of May, Jupiter will start dancing into the sign of Taurus, where we will find ourselves connecting more to the sensual and hedonistic part of ourselves, even when it comes to connecting to others. With an increase in our appetite for intimacy and pleasure, we will be more open to letting ourselves discover what we want in our relationships. This will be a great time to explore what we want to build into our long-term partnerships.


On a larger scale, this transit has historically been famous for creating millionaires or when businesses received great financial success. Look out to see this transformation happen in the market.

Eclipse’s Focus Will Change

Elipses in Taurus and Scorpio in 2023 will finally finish up, moving into the Aries and Libra axis. In terms of energy, we will be moving from the inner work of understanding our desires of gratifying our soul on the deepest levels and exploring our unconscious, to exploring the dynamics of our independence and our interdependence in our relationships. Aries will bring a singular energy of wanting to be independent, while Libra will bring in the thought of collectiveness and partnerships.

Refining Our Relationships

This will allow us to explore this dynamic and boundaries in the following months, as lessons will be brought to the forefront of our lives. In partnerships, this can look like finally recognising karmic cycles of where it is we should be moving forward to not repeat the same lessons. We will gain realisations around our partnerships and discover the people who are meant to stay in our lives long term and release those who hold us back.


We might even find ourselves being redirected to a completely new path, once we leave behind attachments that were holding us back from becoming the person we were meant to be.


Venus Retrograde Will Ask For Attention

The Venus Retrograde will be bringing similar energy to our table. This new year’s summer will bring the Venus retrograde cycle which will be an intense period for us starting to rediscover and review our ideas around relationships especially when it comes to dating.

With the energy moving at a slower and backward pace, many important matters that are unfinished will be highlighted. We will get a chance to review our dating lives. Exes or karmic partners may turn up at your door again. For some people, this might be a chance to reunite with someone important that they made a promise. The retrograde is an opportunity for those looking out for it.

Mercury Retrograde Uprooting Earthly Matters

Feared by the astrological community but a great time to review and revise matters are mercury retrogrades. In 2023 Mercury retrogrades will be occurring mostly in earth signs which means that the energy of reassigning will surround our earthly matters. In further detail, this will be looking into how we make, save, spend money or gather our resources and possessions, while also evaluating our routine to come up with more fulfilling ways to live our life.


The Evolution Of Ourselves

Pluto, the planet of intensity and transformation, will be finally venturing into Aquarius. This zodiac sign rules our community, our friendships and even online dating. With all the growth taking place in ourselves, we will look for change around us. We will now find ourselves moving to friendships that transform into our being in profound and primal ways for our highest good. This means that our social circle will experience radical change as we learn and curb our life.


A Fairer World In The Works

From a larger perspective, when it comes to global matters this is an important transit. With Pluto moving out of its previous position with Capricorn to take short flights into the sign of Aquarius, it is gearing up for an upcoming massive change. The planet of destruction and regeneration will be creating a new order of values in the world starting from then. The last time this placement occurred, the U.S. Constitution was being drafted, to include the rights of everyone.

The world will be regenerating and the events that will occur in the present year will be a sneak peek into the energy that will be coming to the world in the next twenty years. Overall this is an evolution of yourself, your relationships and in the larger scheme of things, how the world works.

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