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The Wealth Demons: Mammon, Clauneck, Bime, & Nitika

The Wealth Demons: Mammon, Clauneck, Bime, & Nitika - Fortune Luck Success

Wealth is an important factor in the success of individuals and a business. While there are many who would argue that wealth does not equate to happiness, it is hard to deny that having money does, in fact, make life easier. Wealth provides people with opportunities, resources, and options that those without money do not have. Money can also give people a sense of security and control over their lives. For nations, wealth is a key component of economic stability and strength. A country with a strong economy is able to provide its citizens with better opportunities and a higher standard of living. 

Demons For Wealth

It is no secret that some people use demons for wealth. There are numerous stories of people who have used black magic or summoning rituals to call forth demons in order to get rich. While some of these stories may be nothing more than legend, it is clear that many people believe in the power of demons to bring wealth and prosperity. There are a few different ways that people attempt to use demons for wealth. One popular method is to summon a demon and ask it to bring riches into your life. Some people also perform spells or rituals designed to attract wealth, and some believe that doing so will cause demonic spirits to help them become wealthy. Finally, some people simply wear jewelry or carry objects that are thought to attract wealth and prosperity. 

When it comes to the topic of demonic energy, many people tend to think of dark and negative things. However, this type of energy can actually be quite beneficial and empowering when used correctly. Contrary to popular belief, demonic energy is not about chaos and destruction; it is actually a very powerful force that can be used for good. If you are interested in learning how to use demonic energy in your own life, there are a few things you should know. First of all, it is important to remember that this type of energy should only be used for positive purposes. Secondly, you need to be aware of your own limitations and make sure that you are not trying to do too much at once. Finally, it is also important to practice proper grounding and shielding techniques in order to protect yourself from any negative energies. 

Who to Work With

In the world of demonology, there are many different kinds of demons to choose from. From fallen angels to lustful spirits, there is a demon for every need. But how do you know which one is right for you? First, think about what you want the demon to help you achieve. Are you looking for help with your magical practice? Are you looking for someone to do your bidding? Or are you looking for a companion? Once you know what kind of help you need, you can start narrowing down your choices. Next, consider the personality of the demon. Some demons are aggressive and demanding, while others are more gentle and nurturing. If you're not sure what kind of personality would work best for you, ask around or do some research online. If you have a clear idea of what you want and whether the demon is aggressive or nurturing, you can start narrowing down your choices. 


Mammon is the god of greed and wealth in the Abrahamic tradition. In modern times, Mammon has become a metaphor for materialism. Despite this negative connotation, there are ways to work with Mammon that can be beneficial for both the individual and the community. One way to work with Mammon is to use it as a symbol of abundance. When we focus on having plenty of money, we open ourselves up to receiving more money. This doesn't mean that we should become greedy or obsessed with wealth; rather, it means that we should be grateful for what we have and allow ourselves to receive more. Another way to work with Mammon is to use its energy to create wealth. This can be done by setting financial goals and taking actionable steps to achieve them. Mammon, the god of wealth and riches, is worshipped by many people in the world today. 

While some may think it is an easy task to worship Mammon, there are actually a few key steps that need to be followed in order to please this deity.

It is important to give Mammon your undivided attention. This means setting aside time each day to devote yourself solely to him. 

Make sure you have plenty of offerings for Mammon. These can include money, jewelry, or any other possessions that you deem valuable. 

Be sure to show respect when worshipping Mammon. This includes speaking softly and bowing down before him.


Clauneck is considered to be a powerful spirit who can grant blessings, wealth, and good luck. He is also said to be able to protect his followers from harm and help them achieve their goals. Some people believe that Clauneck can even help them find love. It is important to work with Clauneck in the right way in order to receive his help. This demon is a powerful spirit who can help with many things, including financial gain, career success, and gaining favor with others. Here are some tips on how to work with Clauneck and call upon his assistance. 

First, it is important to consecrate an area where you will be working with Clauneck. This could be an altar or simply a designated space in your home. 

Next, you will need some items to help you connect with Clauneck. These could include a bell, wand, or another tool that represents your power; some crystals such as quartz or amethyst; and finally, something that represents money such as a coin or bill. 

Once you have gathered your supplies, it is time to begin the ritual. Begin by casting a circle and calling upon your guides and angels for protection. Next, place your tools on the altar and call out to Clauneck. Ask him to come into the circle and state that you are ready to work with him. It's important to note that Clauneck will only assist his followers if they devote themselves to him and offer him respect and honor. 


Bime, otherwise named Bune, is an extremely well-known high Demon of the Royal Legion. He has served the legion for centuries and is highly respected by both his fellow Demons and the Royal family. He is a skilled fighter and a powerful sorcerer and is often called upon to deal with difficult tasks or dangerous threats. Despite his fearsome reputation, Bime is a fair and honorable Demon who always puts his duty to the legion first. This demon is known for providing a seeker with deep truths in exchange for their loyal devotion. Working with Bime can help enhance your personality, make you more charismatic, and allow you to have an animalistic magnetism towards others. For anyone that needs help influencing a business deal or deals with needing to convince others and market their business, Bime is the perfect demon to help sway others to see you in your highest light. 

To bring Bime into your life, you may summon him through a mirror's reflection. See yourself in the empowered, well-liked, and charismatic way. Let your reflection be a precursor for his blessing, and call him to you. Devote your loyalty to him and ask him to give you the desires that you seek. 


Nitika is a Hindu goddess who is considered the demon of luck and wealth. She is often depicted holding a bag of gold, and she is thought to be able to bestow good fortune on those who please her. Her worshipers pray for her help in acquiring wealth and good luck. Nitika is also said to be able to protect her devotees from bad luck and disasters. She can help those who summon her in a number of ways, including by providing wisdom, strength, and protection. Nitika is also known for her compassion and willingness to help others, which makes her a valuable ally for anyone in need. 

Nitika is a deity that is often called upon to help with healing and purification rituals. If you would like to summon Nitika properly, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

First, make sure you have a clear space where you can perform the ritual. 

Next, gather together some supplies, including an offering of fresh flowers or fruits, a bowl of water, and a white candle. 

You should also have any symbols or items that are associated with Nitika handy. Once you are ready, begin by casting a circle and then light the candle. 

Next, say a prayer or chant to summon Nitika. 

Finally, offer the flowers or fruit as an offering and thank Nitika for her assistance. 


Working with demons is the same as working with any other deity, god, goddess, or energy. Each demon has its own energy, personality, abilities, and benefits that it can bring into your life. Let go of the dogma surrounding demonology and embrace the powerful change they can bring to your life. Financial abundance, divine blessings, luck, and freedom can all be provided to you if you prove your loyalty, respect, and honor to any of the demons in this article. Use your intuition and choose the demon that resonates with you at your core. You will know that you've made the right choice when you start to experience the world around you change, your luck increase, your finances stabilize, and life opens up in ways you have only dreamed of.

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