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The Power of Citrine

The Power of Citrine - Fortune Luck Success

Citrine has become a very popular crystal – and for a good reason. It’s versatility and healing properties are well-known amongst crystal enthusiasts and it is well-suited to add to your own personal crystal collection.

Also known as the “Light Maker,” the citrine crystal is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a stone to uplift their spirits and welcome more light into their lives. If you are searching for a confidence boosting, wealth attracting, light-filled stone to catalyze major positive change in your life – look no further than citrine.

Citrine’s Historical Background

Derived from the French word “citron” meaning lemon, citrine has a remarkable and rich history. It was commonly used in aristocratic jewelry of both Greek and Roman civilizations in the first century AD. The use of citrine was largely decorative but was also rumored to bring prosperity to merchants, earning the nickname as the “Seller’s Stone.” Because citrine was rare, even back in those times, it was highly sought after and coveted by those who could afford it.

In the 17th Century, Scottish soldiers would adorn the handles of their shields and swords with the stone for decoration and positive fortune on the battlefield. Its yellow shine was said to bring about good luck and harness the power of the sun in times of war and turmoil.

In the 1920s, during the Art Deco movement, citrine made a resurgence in popular culture. Its golden hue was a staple to many Art Deco pieces of jewelry, as many wealthy women adorned their ears and necks with the stone.

It has recently resurfaced and has become a staple in many crystalline collections and is revered by spiritual healers and practitioners alike.

Citrine’s Physical Properties

Citrine’s natural hue is a golden yellow which embodies its rich and vibrant energy. Its structure is composed of complex matrices that work well to absorb, release, and purify energy. As it belongs to the quartz family, citrine is transparent in nature and mimics the behavior of other quartz stones. Natural citrine is incredibly rare, however, heat treated citrine makes it accessible to anyone who can benefit from its uses and carries the same properties as natural. 

Citrine’s Healing Properties

Like sunshine for your soul, citrine naturally harnesses the vibrations of light and works to transmute that energy in whatever space it is in. When you keep this stone close to you, you may find that your mood naturally feels brighter. This crystal is ideal for keeping your energetic vibrations high, so you can rise up and meet your highest self.

The luminescence of citrine works to fill your soul with light and positivity, making this stone ideal for intentions around happiness, financial abundance, confidence, and manifestation. If you are seeking to attract bigger and better things, consider setting your intentions with citrine. Its highly absorbent properties will catalyze any wish you attach to it and it is sure to bring you what you desire alarmingly fast.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine naturally works with your Solar Plexus Chakra. Chakras, or energy centers, are points in our bodies that carry energy. When they are in alignment, they spin to allow the flow of energy to freely move throughout the body and balance all areas of our lives. When they are not in alignment, we may feel blocked or kept away from what we truly want or need in our lives.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the diaphragm at the upper belly and governs our personal power. It plays into areas of our lives like our egos and personalities, as well as our choices and the freedom we allow ourselves. It also rules the digestive system and can impact overall gut health and wellbeing. When this chakra is blocked or unaligned, you may feel uninspired, lack willpower, and experience digestive issues.


Citrine works to unblock and realign the Solar Plexus Chakra. The vibrations of this chakra match those of the citrine stone, opening you up to self-confidence and your personal power. This crystal will dissolve stagnation in this area of your life and encourage movement towards your manifestations and ability to strive towards your goals.


How to Use Citrine


Citrine is a natural conductor of high vibrational energy, making it ideal for attracting joy and financial abundance in your life. Because it is a member of the quartz family, it is a magnified and amplifier. When imbued with the vibrations of desire, citrine works to expand this energy to bring it into your reality. If you are planning to use citrine with an intention, consider the following steps to make sure it is charged with whatever it is your desire:


  1. Cleanse the citrine of any lingering or stagnant energies. Use a smudging stick or a Full Moon bath to rid your stone of any vibrational residue.
  2. Secure a quiet space to meditate with your cleansed citrine. Sit in a comfortable position and hold the stone in your palms. Engage in a deep breathing exercise to clear your mind. Plan to sit for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Once your mind is unhindered by thought, visualize the life you want while holding the stone. Focus on how this life feels, smells, tastes, sounds, and looks. Imbue the stone with the vibrations of these thoughts.
  4. When you are satisfied with how much you have explored your desires, slowly come out of the meditative state by wiggling your fingers and toes. If you wish, you may want to thank the stone for its assistance in bringing you what you want. Try something like, “I thank you in advance for the abundance you are inviting into my life.”
  5. You may choose to wear the crystal or place it somewhere in your home. If you are wearing the stone, consider wearing it as a necklace, so it may work with the energy of your Solar Plexus chakra. If you are placing it in your home, place it in the space where you frequent most so it can work with your energy more often.


Is Citrine Right for Me?

Citrine is a highly potent crystal that works to invite positivity and abundance into your life. If you are looking for a stone that can help you achieve your goals, jumpstart your life, and bring in the light, then citrine is a perfect fit. Because it embodies the energy of the sun, having this crystal around will bring you good fortune and high vibrational thoughts, empowering you to really step into your highest self!

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