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Greek Goddess of the Night: Nyx

Greek Goddess of the Night: Nyx - Fortune Luck Success

According to Greek origin stories, night was one of the first elements to arise out of nothingness. It was the catalyst that brought light, the sun, and some even attribute night to the creation of the Universe itself. The elusive, ancient Greek Goddess Nyx represents the Grecian night and embodies all traits that accompany it.

Nyx Origin

Nyx is said to be the offspring of Chaos itself, making her the sister of Gaia and Tartarus – primordial gods that superseded much of the Greek pantheon. She is a foundational god who represents the bedrock from which the rest of the Universe spawned.

As the goddess of night, she had dominion over the night realms. She rides a dark chariot through the fogs of night, ruling over cosmology, creation, and the very fabric of the Universe itself.

The Mother of the Gods

Nyx is seen as the origin of life as we know and understand it. From her spawned the light, the Earth, the sun, and consciousness itself.

She is said to have had several children with the god Erebus, the embodiment of darkness. Their children included Aether and Hemera, gods of Brightness and Day. This cosmic duality gave rise to the divine balances we know and understand of the Universe today.

She gave birth to many more Greek gods, all in some way associated with the night. Nyx’s notable children include:

  • Thanatos: the personification of a peaceful and painless Death.
  • Momos: the personification of a violent and sudden Death.
  • Hypnos: the god of Sleep.
  • The Oneiroi: the personification of Dreams.
  • Nemesis: the goddess of Resentment.

As her children took pieces of her and pieces of the night, her reign reached far and wide in the Greek pantheon. With dominion over the realms of night, Nyx was a goddess to both revere and respect.

Nyx of the Night

When you think of the night, many of us immediately think of sleep and rest. Some of us may also associate night with mystery, prophecy, intrigue, fear, and the unknown. Nyx is the goddess of night itself, meaning that she does not just represent night, she is the night.

With that, comes all pieces mentioned above. Zeus, for instance, was cautious and respectful of Nyx for her power was so pervasive that she could keep even the most restless of gods in line. It is said that Nyx’s son was Zeus’s target of rage, and when she intervened, Zeus apologized and left her son alone. No one wanted to incur the wrath of Nyx.

On the other hand, her benevolence and gentility are widely known amongst the Greek gods. She rules over the worlds we enter during our sleep, seeing that we arrive back to our bodies safely and well-rested. She has the power to bring about prophetic dreams and instill wisdom and guidance into mortal sleepers.

The Duality of Nyx

Nyx was regarded as a source of safety and comfort, despite being feared by much of the pantheon. She had created the stars, for example, to guide sailors on the seas at night. She also assisted the Grecian forces in the Trojan War, as the stillness of night is what aided them to win. She is attributed with bringing rest and peace to the world. Where there is madness, chaos, and destruction, Nyx has the power to instill harmony.

Nyx and the Divine Feminine

As an ultimate creator of the Universe and the mother to many Greek gods, Nyx possess the traits of a protective, fierce, and firm mother. She transmuted her powers onto her children so that they may help carry out her duties and spread her values across the Earth.

Likewise, she is a powerhouse that can keep other spiritual deities and entities in line while continuing to rule over the nighttime realm. Her reach is far and wide, as she touches each piece of the Universe shrouded in night.

As we seek to connect to our own divine femininity, Nyx can serve as the conduit to a deeper connection with our own powers. Nyx will bring out fierce motherly instincts and a proclivity for rule and leadership. She stands true in herself and all that she embodies, embracing her divine femininity.

Calling Upon Nyx

Calling upon Nyx will bring about prophetic dreams, a sense of underlying calm, and air of self-confidence and self-assuredness. She is a powerful entity to have in your life and will see that you are protected and empowered. She will also assist in connecting you with your intuition, unblocking anything standing in the way of your psychic powers.

If you are struggling to get restful sleep, Nyx will assist and guide you to the realm of dreams with ease. On the other hand, you may be struggling with finding your voice and speaking your truth – Nyx will be the support system and backbone you need to finally have the confidence to say what is on your mind. And if your life has been feeling extra-chaotic and out-of-control, Nyx will restore the harmony and stillness echoed in her nighttime realm.

To call upon Nyx, many recommend dedicating a small altar to her. She favors lavender incense and any objects you have found in nature at nighttime. Obsidian and black tourmaline both carry her energetic frequency and will work to raise your vibrations to meet hers. Additionally, wearing and adorning your body with images of Nyx, the stars, and nighttime imagery will also connect you to her.

The Goddess of the Night

Very little is documented about this mysterious goddess of the night Nyx, but what we do know makes her a goddess worth respecting, revering, and calling upon. As a creator of the Universe itself, Nyx is a primordial being who is attributed with much of what we have, know, and understand today. Connecting will her is sure to propel your life in a dreamy direction, instilling you with the strength you need to achieve your goals and connect with your intuition.

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