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Asherah: The Oracular Mother Goddess

Asherah: The Oracular Mother Goddess - Fortune Luck Success

Asherah: The Oracular Mother Goddess

The Mother Goddess Asherah belongs to the Semitic and Canaanite pantheons, which dawned during the Bronze Age, or somewhere between 3300 and 600 B.C.E. This ancient Goddess was revered by all who subscribed to the Canaanite religion at the time, but slowly became an item of controversy as religions changed from polytheistic (multiple god worship) to monotheistic (singular god worship).

Who is Asherah?

Asherah was long believed to be the consort of Yahweh, or the God of the Israelites. Many religious scholars also believe that she is was considered the wife of the Judeo-Christian God as we understand him today. However, through the years, she went from being highly revered to a source of secrecy and controversy.

She was written out of the Old Testament sometime between 300 and 500 B.C.E. when her iconography was slowly burned and removed from temples across Israel and Palestine. Despite an attempt at erasing her from religious history, Asherah remains a prominent and dominant goddess figure from that time period.

Many of her worshippers would take to the trees and don special headbands to indicate their allegiance to Asherah. They were suppressed and forced to practice privately, therefore there is little recorded history about how worship took place. However, we do know that images and symbols associated with Asherah were used to connect with her divine energy.

Asherah’s Themes

Asherah’s main themes are love, empathy, motherly instincts, and divination. As the Mother Goddess, she was attributed as the womb from which all life was born. As such, she has strong motherhood energy and offers motherly protection to those who seek it.

Asherah is said to guide those who are in a situation that will require a bit of luck and divine assistance. Particularly if the odds are weighed against you, she takes delight in intervening so that you can come out on top. Asherah is also believed to have powers that allow her to see into the future, enabling her to empower you to choose the actions with the best outcomes. She grants her oracular wisdom and knowledge onto those that seek it out.

Asherah is also represented by a tree, symbolizing fertility and connection to the spirit realm. She is said to live in every tree and was worshipped as such. She is also often associated with images of snakes and owls. Snakes represent the in-between space between the physical and spiritual world. Owls, meanwhile, represent Asherah’s infinite wisdom and patience. All such images have been found alongside texts about or referencing Asherah, cementing their relevance in her iconography.

What is an Asherah Pole?

Throughout history, the image and presence of Asherah had been simplified to mean a supportive, firm structure. Religious scholars have noted that Asherah will sometimes take the shape of a pole or beam in the construction of sacred temples and halls. Additionally, it is also believed that Asherah poles referred to the high places in which she was usually worshipped – like hills and mountain tops. Trees were also commonly believed to be Asherah poles, available to all worshippers at any time.

Asherah and You

Because all life was born from her womb by the command of Yahweh or God, Asherah is a powerful energetic ally for you to connect with. She has the potential to guide you towards your highest self by empowering you with the wisdom you need to take actions with the best outcomes. When channeling her energy, it is not uncommon for worshippers to have prophetic dreams, visions, or feelings either preventing someone from making a terrible decision or showing you the outcome of a particular action.

Her connection to the natural world is pervasive. It has been said that she is present within every tree on the Earth and can be found there when needed. If you are looking to benefit from Asherah’s divine guidance, retreat into nature and let her energy from the trees around you fill you up.

This ancient Goddess and her age-old wisdom have the power to fully transform the lives of those who connect with her energy. If you have been experiencing some rough luck or are a protective mother yourself, you can only benefit from connecting with her. Pay her the attention she requires and let her guide your intuition to your best life.

How to Welcome Asherah into your Life

If you are looking to connect with Asherah’s energy and welcome her presence into your life, your first stop would be the outdoors. A walking meditation through a trail lined with trees can elevate your vibrations high enough to greet hers. As you take your nature walk, consider the ways that motherhood and love manifest in your life. See yourself taking actions that are imbued with pure compassion and empathy, as to call Asherah into being.

Additionally, plan to decorate your altar with images and objects related to Asherah. Figures of owls or snakes will work to call her forward and help to connect your space to Asherah’s energetic vibrations. As she is an ancient Goddess, she will respond well to ancient crystals. Consider placing stones that call forth love and courage like rose quartz, aquamarine, and citrine around your home.

And finally, practicing visualization meditation regularly in which you greet Asherah as a tree or in her Goddess form is a surefire way to invite her in. During the meditation, you might consider a prayer to ask her for guidance or to deliver a message of her divine wisdom onto you. She will fortify you with the moral strength you need to press on and empower you with the luck that you have been missing.

Asherah the Ancient

The presence and existence of Asherah is one of the oldest known acknowledgements of a divine motherly being. Her energy is as old as the Universe and her wisdom is just as vast. She is a fierce advocate for the underdog and takes great pleasure in helping those who call to her. By bringing Asherah into your life, you can expect your motherly protective instincts to rise and your sense of protection to feel firm. Asherah is known as the divine oracular Mother Goddess who lives by nature and serves through life itself.

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