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Why You Should Wear the Tree of Life

Why You Should Wear the Tree of Life - Fortune Luck Success

Jewelry is something that should be intentionally collected and curated in your life. Wearing pieces that represent or hold value and meaning have the power to ground you throughout your day and even boost your spiritual practice. While these symbols and crystals are beautiful to wear, they can also serve us in ways that fashion jewelry does not.

One of our favorite charms to wear is the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a popular spiritual symbol, used in a variety of practices, religions, and cultures. Though its meanings vary slightly between traditions, the Tree of Life universally represents the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds and the sustenance of all life. This powerful image serves as a reminder of our divine connections to the Universe and one another. If you are looking to embody the vibrations of this age-old symbol, start by wearing it!

The Tree of Life Across Cultures

Because of its popularity and prominence throughout the ages, the Tree of Life has become synonymous with many spiritual, emotional, and physical meanings. It comes in many forms across a wide array of cultures.

  • In Celtic tradition, the Tree of Life represents the cycle of death and rebirth. It also holds within in the power to restore harmony and balance to a chaotic world and bridge both physical and metaphysical realms together. The Celtic drawing of the Tree of Life is perhaps what most are familiar with: a tree with an abundance of branches, leaves, and an intricate root system (sometimes in the formation of a Celtic knot).
  • The Kabbalistic take on the Tree of Life represents the direct union we have with God. It symbolizes the various channels of divine energy that reach from God (at the top) to our physical world. It is depicted by geometric symbols, as opposed to branches and leaves, to show the ways in which energy flows across states of being.
  • In ancient Egyptian lore, the God Osiris is credited as being the Tree of Life – usually represented by an acacia tree. Osiris, and consequently the Tree of Life, represents rebirth, the underworld, and the harvest.
  • African teachings of the Tree of Life are a message of resilience and strength. The baobab tree is the official Tree of Life symbol, which has had to adapt to the treacherous, dry, and hot conditions of the Savannah. As a result, the African Tree of Life serves as a beacon of fortitude.

There are many more known variations of the Tree of Life, but the thread remains the same: the Tree of Life embodies a divine connection to the spiritual realm and has the power to imbue its wearers with this energy.

Why wear the Tree of Life?

For any spiritual practitioner, the Tree of Life is a highlight in your collection of iconographic jewelry. When we wear our spiritual beliefs, we are connected to them throughout this day. This can be an especially beneficial reminder of who you truly are and a tether to keep you grounded even on the most stressful of days. The Tree of Life offers a few specific benefits that you will want to consider when purchasing a piece:

  1. The Tree of Life can bring prosperity and abundance into your life.

Since ancient times, trees have always been signifiers for fertility, growth, and abundance. At the core of this imagery, however, stands the Tree of Life. The Egyptian teachings of the Tree of Life show this connection to abundance by representing agriculture and the harvest. If you have seeds to sow (both literal and metaphorical), this symbol can go a long way.


Whether you are seeking wealth, career opportunities, or love, the vibrations from any Tree of Life piece will welcome these into your life with ease.


  1. Wearing this symbol can embolden your connection with the divine.

The Tree of Life represents the thin line between the physical and spiritual worlds. If you are looking to get closer with God, the Universe, or the divine source of energy, the Tree of Life is a great way to nurture that connection.


In Celtic and Kabbalistic symbolism, the Tree of Life carries the vibrations of ancient and divine wisdom. When you adorn your body with this symbol, you are inviting this knowledge into your space, propelling you towards a profound connection to the Universe.


  1. The Tree of Life offers its wearers both strength and stability.

The Tree of Life was a prominent piece of ancient African tradition, where it is said to represent fortitude and vigor. With its firm root system and high reaching branches, the Tree of Life is an ultimate signifier for stability and strength. Even the most massive of trees only sway in the roughest of winds! Additionally, its ability to adapt for survival makes trees some of the most resilient lifeforms on the planet.


If you are looking to embrace a more grounded stance on life, considering adopting this symbol into your space. Or if you need a push to stay strong through a difficult time, the Tree of Life can serve as your gentle reminder.


  1. The Tree of Life can strengthen bonds between you and your ancestors, guardian angels, and spirit guides.
    In a culmination of all of the separate cultural ideologies related to the Tree of Life, they all point to a representation of otherworldliness and our connection to it. When we call upon the powers of the Tree of Life, we are enlisting the aid of our ancestors, guardian angels, and spirit guides. As the Tree of Life stands for the death and rebirth cycle, we must remember that there are forces working in our favor, to help us elevate our soul and vibrations. The Tree of Life calls upon this help.

    If you need some cosmic guidance, the Tree of Life has the power to bring forward the knowledge of the spiritual realm by means of calling upon all spirits attached to your highest good.


The Final Word

The Tree of Life is a powerful religious, cultural, and spiritual icon that has transcended many lifetimes. It embodies the balance between life and death and our divine connections to spirit and the cosmos. It holds all life within it and reminds us that we are strong and being gently guided by the Universe. The Tree of Life has the power to unlock ancient wisdom and promotes harmony in our lives.

When choosing the next piece of jewelry to your collection, consider a piece that features the Tree of Life. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also a potent symbol that will work in ways that m
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