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Selenite Lamps: Home Décor with a Spiritual Purpose

Selenite Lamps: Home Décor with a Spiritual Purpose - Fortune Luck Success

Selenite lamps are delicately dreamy table lights made from raw selenite. They emit a soft glow onto the space around them and can fit into any home’s décor. Aside from their striking beauty and decorative versatility, selenite lamps actually offer a variety of benefits that surpass aesthetics!

What are selenite lamps?

Selenite lamps are raw towers of selenite that are hollowed out with a light source fastened to the bottom of them. Because selenite is naturally translucent, the light passes through the tower with ease, creating a warm, glowing piece of crystal fit for any space. 

They are a staple in the homes of many crystal enthusiasts, spiritualists, healers, and energy workers – and for a good reason!

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What are the benefits of selenite?

When you first gaze upon a stick of selenite, its piercing white color will enthrall you. It has a chalky, almost salty texture, that feels cool to the touch. It is a striking stone that has become a staple in any crystal collection, offering an endless number of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. When keeping a selenite near you, you can expect the following:

  • Less toxicity and negativity.

Selenite is a self-cleansing and purifying stone that works to absorb any and all negativity from the space it is placed in. Consider selenite as nature’s natural detoxifier, as it works to transmute clean energy and pull in anything harmful or malicious. Its natural properties work with the Earth to recycle all energy anew, essentially cleaning your space of any toxicity.


  • An increased sense of clarity.

This crystal is said to inspire epiphanies, ah-a moments, and the like. When selenite is near, it works with the frequencies of your thoughts to clear the clutter so you can focus on what is right in front of you. If you are seeking answers to a tough question or have been stalling in making an important decision, selenite can be your guiding light.


  • A stronger intuition.

When we empty the mind of all noise, we are left with a powerful inner-voice that guides us towards our highest self. Because selenite is an energetic vacuum, it removes all useless thoughts and leaves you with a stronger intuition. It encourages you to listen to this voice by showing its users what is truly their own inner-wisdom and what can be considered as mind-clutter.


  • Restful sleep.

With a clear space and a clear mind, rest will never come to you easier. Selenite inspires a great night’s sleep when placed near the bed. It rids your space of any tension and stress from the day and allows you to ease into that peaceful meditative state just before sleep. If you have been tossing and turning, try some selenite to


  • A bit of good luck.
    Selenite is actually a crystalized form of gypsum, known for its properties that promote good fortune and opportunity. If you are in the midst of big life changes, waiting on a promotion at work, or could just use a bit of good luck, keeping selenite near you raise your vibrations up so you can meet opportunity when it shows up.
  • A boost in physical health.

While selenite surely cannot cure any major diseases, if you have been experiencing minor sickness (colds, sore throats, allergies, etc.) selenite works to pull these negative energies from your physical aura. Sometimes our illnesses are in direct relation to what is happening to us energetically. With a clearing stone like selenite in your arsenal, you can be sure that stress will never manifest as sickness.

Why a Selenite Lamp?

I know what you’re thinking: if selenite is so powerful on its own, why invest in a lamp? The answer to this is not as simple as it may seem, but it is worth exploring. There are 5 major reasons why selenite lamps should be a staple in any home.

  1. The light works as an energetic conduit, transmuting the selenite’s energy faster and more effectively. Your selenite’s energy will cling to the light waves from the lamp, carrying the crystal’s energetic frequency to the space around it much faster than a simple tower would. Because light fills whatever space it is in, the energy will also move freely and easily throughout your room.
  2. The warmth of the light enhances selenite’s positive frequencies. Working with the energy of the crystal, the warm glow coming from the light source will inspire calming, restorative moods. It’s hard to be upset when you are surround by the hue of low light and the frequencies of the divine!
  3. Replace your night light for a lamp that actually works to induce comfort and rest. The gentle light waves that emit from a selenite lamp are optimal to lull you into a restful sleep state in a way that no ordinary night light can.
  4. Adding high vibrational light to any space will change the energetic flow. The light and selenite work together to recycle energy into its brightest form, leaving you with a clean and uncluttered space.
  5. A selenite lamp will enable a deep meditative state and push you towards your highest self. The soothing glow of your lamp can guide you into an elevated sense of self during meditation or journaling, opening your aura to receiving the clarity and awareness accompanied by spiritual practice. When your vibrations are high, you are more likely to make decisions in alignment with your highest self!

The Takeaway

If you are here, it is likely you are invested in your spiritual wellbeing. For anyone on this path, selenite is a staple wellness tool. Its versatility and healing properties are well-known to many, but when paired with the soft hue of a warm light, you can reap the benefits tenfold. It adds a mindful spark to your home décor and invites in the bright energies you need for a free-flowing, happy home. Consider trying a selenite lamp in your space, you will be so glad you did!

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