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Psychic Predictions for 2022: Insight & Guidance from the Tarot

Psychic Predictions for 2022: Insight & Guidance from the Tarot - Fortune Luck Success

Today we will be asking the tarot for insight and divine guidance on the road ahead using the Wheel of the Year tarot spread. To do this, I drew 13 cards: one card to represent each of the 12 months, which I placed in a circle clockwise, and a final card to determine a general theme for 2022 which I placed in the center. Read on to see what lies in store for you and how to increase your chances of manifesting success in the coming year.

Patterns and Synchronicities

One thing that struck me about this reading is that all pentacles and wands were drawn reversed, but the major arcana and cards of other suits were each drawn upright. Accordingly, I foresee that this year will shed light on our struggles with finances and our ability to manifest.

We also see the numbers 3 and 6 appearing twice, so we can be sure that the year’s obstacles will help us to exercise our creative muscles and to grow more compassionate in matters of the heart.

There is a general theme of duplicity in this wheel, as the Temperance card, the Lovers, and multiples of two in the minor arcana jump right out at first glance. This shines a light on the importance of nurturing relationships, thoughtfully balancing our social lives, and accepting both the light and dark aspects as a part of us all.

The Year Ahead

Now let’s take a deeper look at the upcoming months and see what the prophecies foretell. Don’t worry - we’ll provide plenty of guidance from beyond the veil, as well as recommend what crystals will help you to manifest your best year possible.

January: 2 of Pentacles, Rx

The two of Pentacles suggest upset balance and disorganized finances. Likely, you’ll still be recovering from the extra expenses that the recent holiday season brought with it. It will be a time of recovery and rebuilding as we prepare for the coming months.


  • You will have to make a difficult choice between two crucial expenses. The choice you make will determine your unique obstacle.
  • A rival will emerge, creating a challenge that helps you to cultivate your skills.
  • You will be asked to prove your personal integrity.

Psychic guidance: January will be cold but calm, so take this time to be mindful of your wants and needs. Spend your time wisely and make a thoughtful plan to reach your goals for the year. Balance your funds wisely.

Crystal recommendation: Sodalite will provide the clarity needed to help map out the year ahead.

February: The Emperor

In February, we find ourselves in the palace of The Emperor. Paired with the first Pluto return for the United States on February 20th, we can be sure that something big will happen in the world of politics. Pluto will bring secrets to the surface during this time and relinquish power from the unworthy. Restructuring begins.


  • The United States will endure a polarizing political shift.
  • You will experience higher levels of creativity at this time.
  • A masculine presence will enter your life.

Psychic guidance: In times of powerlessness, remember that you are in control of your destiny. Maintain firm boundaries and claim only that which belongs to you.

Crystal recommendation: Malachite to aid in confident leadership.

March: 7 of Cups

Good news, surprises, and distractions galore! While the media entertains and distracts us with illusions and an array of exciting news, some vital information will slip by undetected. What is hiding in plain sight that we’re not meant to see? What can be read from between the lines?


  • Something imperative will happen on a national scale that will not reveal itself until next month.
  • A unique opportunity will present itself to you or you will receive a special gift.
  • You will be more in tune with the universe.

Psychic guidance: Keep your guard up. Try not to miss the forest for the trees. Use your heightened sense of intuition to see past the diversions.

Crystal recommendation: Lapis lazuli opens the third eye and allows us to see hidden truths.

April: 6 of Pentacles, Rx

The themes of power and domination run hard in this wheel, leaving breadcrumbs back to the appearance of The Emperor in February. In the 6 of Pentacles, we see a transfer of control that could manifest in a new job for some, such as trading up an old boss for a friendlier work environment. The stellium in Pisces on April 26th welcomes new relationships into our lives - could this be something new emerging to take the place of the power that was renounced in our Pluto return? Whatever the 7 of Cups concealed from us may suddenly be brought to light.


  • Last month’s secrets are revealed.
  • You will either lose or gain a large sum of money.
  • There will be a change in management at your place of work.

Psychic guidance: If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start a new relationship or business venture, this is your sign!

Crystal recommendation: Garnet aids in manifesting our passions and enhancing a sense of self-worth.

May: 4 of Pentacles, Rx

The 4 of Pentacles reversed can represent financial security to the point of stinginess and greed, but it can also imply the opposite - overspending. On an international scale, people are taking a step back from letting money, jobs, and finances control them and hold them back from their dreams. The so-called house of cards has never felt more fragile than now, in the time of The Great Resignation.


  • Stock market crash
  • Your home will experience damage that needs to be repaired.
  • We may suffer food shortages or power outages.

Psychic guidance: If it feels like money is burning a hole in your pocket, do NOT allow yourself to get stuck in a pattern of overspending during this time. Reexamine your relationship with your finances and make sure you are making informed decisions.

Crystal recommendations: Citrine, the merchant’s stone, channels success in business and finances.

June: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords arrives to cut through the BS and free us from times of strife. If the past few months have left you feeling manipulated and made your head spin, then the transparency of this one should be a welcome reprieve.


  • You will rid yourself of something that doesn’t serve your best interests. The change will be difficult but necessary for you to transform into the best version of yourself.
  • You can easily channel your energy into creative projects.
  • You will be challenged to prove your independent nature.

Psychic guidance: This would be a good time to check in with yourself and make sure your lifestyle is in alignment with the goals you set back in January. Reassess and plan accordingly. Be direct with yourself about what isn’t working and cut it out of your life. This may even mean setting clear boundaries with those who have not shown respect to you in the past.

Crystal recommendation: Chrysocolla harnesses the Queen of Swords’ wisdom and patience.

July: The Lovers

If this year sounds harsh so far, then allow me to introduce you to its saving grace: your ultimate hot girl summer. The Lovers are known to represent love and relationships, but I’m also getting very strong self-love vibes from this card. You will be so enthralled with yourself and those warm summer vibes, it’ll be impossible not to attract all the attention you know you deserve. Flaunt it!


  • You will enter a new relationship or business partnership that is sure to flourish.
  • A famous celebrity couple’s union will be a hot topic this month.
  • You will find yourself freed from something that has been keeping you from living your best life.

Psychic guidance: Remember to show compassion in your day-to-day life. Exercise allyship to those around you, but also be kind and forgiving to yourself whenever possible.

Crystal recommendation: Rose quartz opens your heart for compassion and self-love.

August: Page of Swords

August is going to hit you with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, so be sure to exercise your brain in healthy ways. We’ll be seeing a collective mind-opening of sorts, and you may even notice that creative ideas flow to you more easily during this time.


  • You receive an opportunity to further your training or education. Take it!
  • An interesting project will find its way to you.
  • You will prove successful in your career or business ventures.

Psychic guidance: Take a class on something you’ve always wanted to learn but have never quite found the reason or time. You don’t need an excuse to try something that excites you!

Crystal recommendation: Apatite will further enhance your keen wisdom and intuition.

September: Temperance

As the weather gets colder, we are reminded of the duality in all things with the Temperance card. Moderation is key in taking care of yourself during the frigid months and will keep you from straying from your personal goals. As the nights come to greet us earlier and earlier, remember that we need this darkness to see the light of the stars.


  • Something about yourself that you are not ready to face will beg to be confronted.
  • You will uncover a compelling secret about someone you know.
  • You will take the middle path to avoid making a toxic choice.
  • You will settle a dispute between two friends.
  • Your patience will be greatly tested.

Psychic guidance: This would be a great time to practice shadow work and learn to accept parts of you that you’ve been neglecting to acknowledge and understand. What part of yourself are you hiding from?

Crystal recommendation: Tiger’s eye for grounding and balance.

October: 3 of Pentacles, Rx

Usually representing a harmonized team, when drawn reversed the 3 of Pentacles can depict an uncomfortable power struggle. It can also manifest as an unkempt environment, blocking you both physically and energetically from achieving your highest self.



  • There will be an intense power struggle upsetting the balance in your home or career.
  • You will produce a beautiful work of art.
  • Someone close to you will greatly disrespect you or your family.

Psychic guidance: You may start to notice that your current career isn't serving you or that certain aspects of your life are feeling more mundane than usual. Try to think of ways to spice up the little things you do every day and make life more enjoyable with small, mindful steps. Allow this to be an opportunity to get creative in designing your life.

Crystal recommendation: Larimar will aid in peaceful communications.

November: 6 of Wands, Rx

Remember all that annoying planning we keep telling you to do? If you’ve been ignoring that, then this will be the month that you'll feel it the most. You can expect to see lower energy levels during this time. It could also mean that you're keeping your accomplishments private when you want to shout about them from the rooftops. Great job! In that case, your time to shine is surely coming soon.


  • You will reach a milestone achievement that flies under the radar.
  • A loss you’ve suffered will take more time to mend than you had hoped.
  • Business ventures may not be as successful this month.

Psychic guidance: Load up on vitamins to combat the unshakable drained feeling that comes with the winter months.

Crystal recommendation: Rainbow fluorite to provide peace and clarity.

December: The Sun

The Sun brings us loads of positivity, fun, and success, so we can expect that December will be calm and bright. We may receive good news for the upcoming year. We’ll also get to enjoy a nice little break from our trials and tribulations during the holiday season.


  • You will be in good spirits and health.
  • Businesses that saw a dip in sales last month will see higher profit margins.
  • We won’t be having very many snow days this December. What a pity.

Psychic guidance: If you felt stuck last month, it's time to let your light shine! Don't hide yourself and your achievements from the world. Be proud of all that your hard work has brought to you. Celebrate little victories and tell everyone about them.

Crystal recommendations: Amber for its healing and renewing properties.

Yearly Theme: 3 of Wands, Rx

To summarize our year, the 3 of Wands is drawn reversed, presenting an array of obstacles and suggesting we all need to take a step back regularly throughout the year to properly plan things out. Oh, man - this year is going to test us so remember to have a plan but be flexible.

Predictions for the year:

  • 2022 will test us all financially.
  • We will be more driven to complete creative projects.
  • Those working 9-5 jobs will feel more pressure than ever.
  • Political tension will reach a boiling point.
  • Nurturing personal relationships will be crucial.

Psychic Guidance: Always envision three possible versions for a project or idea. That way you don't get too caught up if something goes wrong, and you can always revert to plan B or C and still be happy with your efforts in a worst-case scenario.

Crystal recommendation: Hematite for clarity, manifestation, and grounding.

With that, we wish you luck, success, and a font of creativity in the new year. We hope that you strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Remember that you are always in control of your own destiny, so if you don’t really vibe with something you’ve seen here, don’t worry. You have the power to change it and manifest the future that you truly deserve. Thanks for reading.

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