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What to expect during a tarot reading

What to expect during a tarot reading - Fortune Luck Success

Have you struggled to find the answers to a certain situation in your life? Maybe you're wondering what the next step to take in your career is, or what your love life may have in store for you. These questions can always be answered, with the help of the Tarot. Tarot can help you better understand yourself, your relationships, and give you helpful insights on what the future may or may not hold for you. It’s important to choose a reader that you’re comfortable with and is known for giving authentic readings. One of our favorite tarot readers is Psychic Stina. Stina has been a professional Tarot reader for 25+ years, having read for thousands of clients. Stina also specializes in astrological chart readings. She is available for appointments through text, phone, and video chat.  You can read more about her and her services at She has been seen in Bustle, VICE, and Readers Digest. You can find her in Tiktok at @psyhicstina with over 200K in followers.

What You Can Expect During a Reading

Before the reading begins you will want decide what your intention for the reading is. What do you want to know? What area of your life do you need guidance? Most tarot readers won’t answer urgent questions that have to do with the law, your health, or questions that may better be answered by professionals in other fields. You can still get answered surrounding those scenarios though. Once you have your question or intention for the reading, you will ask the reader.

The reader will shuffle their deck, some let you shuffle, others shuffle and let you cut the deck, and some shuffle and pull the cards all on their own. This preference is solely based on the tarot reader’s believes and comfort, but all of these ways can give you an accurate reading. A lot of readers in today’s age do readers online, over the phone, and through video chat, all of which are fine and can provide informative and accurate readings.

Every tarot reader will have different ways of getting answers to the questions in which you seek. Some will draw a random assortment of cards, and others will use card spreads to get more detailed answers. Card spreads will have a specific meaning dictated to where each card is placed. Sometimes using a spread can give you a clearer picture of the message. Once the cards are drawn, then the reader will explain to you which cards are laid where, and what they mean. 

Each tarot card has a unique and vast meaning, so readers have to be skilled in interpreting the cards and relaying their relationship with each other as well as how the correlate with your questions. Each reader will have their own way of reading the cards and sometimes their own card interpretations, so its important to find a reader that's trustworthy and resonates with you.

If after a reading you are feeling unsure or unsatisfied with the cards drawn, sometimes a reader will draw a signifier card that can give more insight to the reading as a whole, or they might draw some additional cards. Be open and honest with your reader and most importantly, ask questions! The more questions you ask the more answers you may receive.

Tarot is all about seeing the hidden or deeper meaning into a situation and finding solutions to move forward from the position that you're in today. If you get a reading and “bad” cards are shown, a skilled reader will explain those cards to you and give you tools to succeed in overcoming them. You have free will and you can always change the course of your future with the choices that you make. Tarot can give you a nudge in the right direction, but ultimately it is up to you to take action and see where it leads you!


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