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Venus Retrograde 2021

Venus Retrograde 2021 - Fortune Luck Success

Venus, the powerhouse of all things love, beauty, and art, cements itself in our relationships,  self-expression, and personal aesthetics. When you’re comparing birth charts for astrological  compatibility, you look to this romantic planet for answers. It’s an important facet of our daily  lives, as Venusian energy manifests within our close connections — think lovers, friends, and  even professional relationships. That’s why it could do you a world of good to know how to  manage through Venus retrograde 2021, which will occur between December 19, 2021 to  January 29, 2022.  

What Does It Mean When A Planet Goes Retrograde? 

Before we get into the thick of Venus retrograde energy, let’s talk a bit about what happens  during planetary retrogrades. For starters, when a planet enters retrograde, it’s only giving the  appearance that it’s spinning backwards — even though it’s not. Think about when your  routines get jumbled up, if someone cancels on plans, or you have to rearrange your day in a  way you’re not used to. 

In astrology, Venus plays a huge role in our relationships and can also help us understand our  own personal needs when it comes to giving and receiving love. When Venus goes retrograde,  you can expect your relationships to get fuzzy and you may be faced with more challenges than  usual. Venus goes retrograde approximately every eightieth month and it lasts about six weeks.  This time around, it so happens that Venus will be entering its backspin in Capricorn. 

Venus Retrograde 2021 In Capricorn 

Capricorn is represented by the sea goat, and has a strong ambition to succeed in life. This  sign is concerned greatly by social status and motivated by discipline. For Capricorns, routine  and structure is important, and so is sustaining a healthy image. During its retrograde period,  these elements of structure and habitual routines will be impacted. You may experience  challenges in keeping your relationships stable or have excess worry about what others think  about your relationship. Venus retrograde 2021 will also have a themes centered around our  professional lives, as Capricorn is ruled by the tenth house of career and purpose, so your  profession, direction in career, or challenges in social status will be something to look out for. 

It’s a good idea to spend Venus retrograde analyzing the longevity of your relationships and  your life’s purpose. Reflect on what art you wish to give the world or how your image will  make a lasting impression on your legacy. It’s time now to release the partnerships and  routines that are keeping you from being aligned to your life’s purpose and to nourish the  ones that are for keeps.

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