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Using Crystals to Manifest Love

Using Crystals to Manifest Love - Fortune Luck Success

Crystals and gems have been used across the centuries by Wise Women, Healers, Shamans and Medicine Men/Women to address both physical and emotional conditions.

We tend to think that caring for our mental and emotional well-being is a modern phenomenon, but of course humans have been subject to melancholia, depression, anxiety, and mood swings ever since we began to walk upright. The same is true, no doubt, of our quest for Love. Who does not want to be loved, and to give love? The good news is that there are a wide variety of crystals suitable for manifesting love in all of its many forms and contexts. This article looks at the best crystals to use, how to use them and how to care for them.

Rose Quartz

This member of the Quartz group of crystals is the supreme Love stone. All varieties of Quartz are excellent healers, but Rose Quartz carries a high, fine vibration of unconditional love that both protects and activates the Heart chakra in an unparalleled way. If you are looking for a new love relationship, there is no finer stone to use than this one. Indeed, the results that can be achieved through placing Rose Quartz crystals by your bed, or in the relationship corner of your home are often so effective that it is sometimes necessary to introduce Amethyst in order to calm things down.

As you place your pieces of Rose Quartz maintain a positive intention to attract the perfect match to you. This means keeping your words and thoughts positive and focusing solely on what you do want, rather than saying what you want to avoid.

You can program Rose Quartz to your desires and wishes by sitting in meditation with it, allowing the energies to flow from the stone into your palms and chest, and releasing your own vibrations of thought of intention to be channeled into the crystal.

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone and promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds. It soothes and comforts a bruised or battered Heart and encourages forgiveness in order to promote healing. It brings sustenance, strength, and reassurance during times of grieving for lost love or loved ones. Rose Quartz heals internalized pain and releases old patterns of self-sabotage or self-abuse that are responsible for present feelings of hurt or deprivation. 


This stone comes in shades of red, pink, and orange, often in banded form and polished or tumbled. It is a wonderful choice if you are ready to give love selflessly to others. It promotes empathy, compassion, love, understanding and deep connections both with other people and with your own spiritual aspect.

Rhodochrosite is the most effective stone for healing sexual abuse. It teaches the Heart to assimilate painful feelings and trauma without shutting down, and also removes denial. Whereas Rose Quartz supports the Heart chakra, Rhodochrosite supports, activates, and clears the Solar Plexus and Base chakras. It gently brings repressed, painful feelings to the surface, allowing them to be acknowledged and then dissipated through emotional release. This release may take the form of crying or grieving, or it may be that talking is necessary to process and let go of past traumas. Rhodochrosite encourages and strengthens the emotional body in its journey towards wholeness once more.

To use Rhodochrosite to manifest love, including self-love, allow the crystal to gently clear and cleanse your center of personal power, i.e., your Solar Plexus, and to help you confront your fears and repressed emotions.

You can combine it with other stones, such as Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine in a healing grid for love, or in a grid for manifesting love, by placing the crystals in a pattern that is guided by your intuition. Once your grid is in place, infuse the whole thing with your intentions for love and leave it in place for a week. Spend a few minutes every day reaffirming your intentions and asking that the stones send their healing vibrations into your energy body to help you to achieve your desires and goals.


This crystal comes in colors of pink and red, often mottled with black specks. It is the stone of fraternity and is well suited to group situations when you want to encourage co-operation amongst people and avoid disharmony or confrontation. It promotes a shared love of all humanity and has the ability to reveal all sides of an argument or situation. This crystal clears, stimulates, and activates the Heart chakra, balances Yin and Yang energy and grounds spiritual wisdom into physical reality. It can be worn as a pendant, near to the heart, to ensure that this center is always open to both giving and receiving love in equal measure.  

Green Aventurine

Use Green Aventurine to deepen and enhance your connection with, and love of, the natural world. Carry a piece of this stone with you as you walk in nature to enhance your well-being and feelings of peace and tranquility. It is a comforter and heart healer stone, carrying a vibration of balance and harmony so that your aura is shielded from negative emotions and thoughts.


Amazonite heals and opens both the Heart and the Throat chakras. It enhances loving communication with others and also with oneself. Your Throat chakra needs to be open and clear of blockages or restrictions if you are to have a healthy relationship with yourself. Amazonite allows you to appreciate your own good qualities and teaches the value of self-love as opposed to self-criticism.

Use Amazonite to help you to be kind and loving in your communication with difficult people as well as with your loved ones. It will protect your aura from their negativity and keep you grounded and safe as you negotiate challenging interpersonal situations.

Pink Kunzite

This is the crystal of spiritual love. It has a high, fine vibration that radiates peace and connects you to the unconditional love of the Divine and spiritual realms. It is an extremely attractive stone that is often found in pieces of exquisite jewelry, so take advantage of its beauty and treat yourself to some earrings and necklaces in order to keep your own spiritual vibration high. Pink Kunzite imparts the ability to be self-contained and strengthens the energy field around the body.

This crystal induces a deep and calm meditative state making it easier to connect with your soul and with your Masters, Teachers and Guides during meditation. It teaches the power of trust and tolerance and heals past life emotional issues.

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