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Why You Should Buy an Amethyst Crystal Skull

Why You Should Buy an Amethyst Crystal Skull - Fortune Luck Success

Amethyst is a powerful stone that can protect the wearer from all arms, whether physical or spiritual. Ranging in appearance from slightly pink to a deep grape violet, Amethyst is a well-known crystal that offers protection to anyone who requires it. One of its prominent features is the ability of Amethyst to block any psychic attacks. Generally used to protect against the ill or evil wishes of others, Amethyst is also handy in dealing with electromagnetic stress. This is possible due to Amethyst being a natural tranquilizer. It can balance mood swings and dispel any anger, anxiety, rage, or fear that may bubble up. 

Look to Amethyst when attempting to activate your spiritual awareness since it can enhance your natural psychic abilities and open your intuition. Portraying vital cleansing and healing powers, Amethyst has also been used to encourage an individual's sobriety. Amethyst is excellent at calming the mind and helping you focus your energy on motivating activities. Since it promotes such calming behaviors, Amethyst can help cure your insomnia. Amethyst can be used to remember and understand your dreams.

What is a Crystal Skull

Crystal skulls have been around throughout history and are believed to have originated in Mexico. Crystal skulls are most often used to increase your vibrational energy in addition to manifesting your intentions. The main focus of these crafted crystals is to encourage healing of self and expand your psychic abilities. Crystal skulls are powerful and enigmatic spiritual tools to incorporate into daily life and practices. A crystal skull can protect you from undesired energetic exchanges when many energies surround you. Skulls of dark-colored crystals such as dark purple Amethyst or smokey quartz are particularly helpful for grounding. A crystal skull, which draws energy from the root chakra, is ideal for charging life-force energy from the earth upward.


A crystal skull's healing power makes it an excellent addition to a new home where stagnated or residual energy may exist. The crystal skull is ideal for channeling downloads and messages from beyond if you are intuitive or psychic. Crystal skulls will help you feel protected and desirable and boost your self-esteem. One thing to remember regarding Crystal Skulls is that they reflect energy. As a result, they're capable of revealing any secrets you've kept hidden from yourself. Crystal Skulls are ideal for shadow work and can help you rebuild and heal yourself from the inside out.

Benefits of an Amethyst Crystal Skull

Amethyst crystal skulls are quite mesmerizing purple-colored sculptures that predominantly propose inner peace and calmness to the mind. This crystal skull will also offer protection from negative thoughts and surrounding energies. Amethyst skulls also can block any ill-meaning psychic attacks. Many use these Amethyst skulls to combat their insomnia or nightmares and have a peaceful night's sleep. Since Amethyst is significantly connected to your crown chakra, it is a great tool to use when undergoing any meditation practice. One of its major beneficial features is the ability of an Amethyst crystal skull to remove any physical, mental, or spiritual blockages.

An Amethyst skull crystal will help you grow in your spiritual wisdom. It will also help you develop into a better version of yourself as it encourages selflessness. The physical benefits of an Amethyst skull are the boost in your immune system in addition to your metabolism. Many have reported relief from physical, emotional, and psychological stress when they have incorporated an Amethyst skull crystal into their lives.

How to Use an Amethyst Crystal Skull

Bringing an Amethyst crystal skull into your home and life will provide you with many beneficial attributes. Utilize an Amethyst skull in your meditation practice. Placing the skull near your head will provide mental clarity and promote spiritual enlightenment. Also, consider wearing any Amethyst jewelry in the form of necklaces or rings. The proximity of the Amethyst skull to your being will increase the benefits and connection between you both.

Interesting Crystal Skull Facts 

A massive crystal skull currently resides in the Smithsonian and is carved from white quartz. It is shaped like a human skull and was mysteriously donated anonymously in 1992. This impressive sculpture is over 31 pounds and is almost ten inches high. It is thought to have been created right around World War II. It has always been an intriguing piece shrouded in mystery. Much modern false lore surrounds the crystal skull, as it has been the center of several pop culture recreations.



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