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Why You Should Buy a Fluorite Crystal Skull

Why You Should Buy a Fluorite Crystal Skull - Fortune Luck Success

What is a Crystal Skull

Those wishing to improve their spiritual and psychic talents frequently utilize crystal skulls. The crystals used already can help you connect with your higher self more effectively. These intricately etched crystals are extremely lovely and aesthetically pleasing. Anyone willing can benefit from the substantial energetic experiences of crystal skulls. When a crystal is formed into a skull, you can access stronger and more focused effects. Other skull shapes, such as those of animals and aliens, can also be patterned into crystal skulls. Crystal skulls are primarily used to raise the vibrational frequency and connect with your higher self. They can also be used to manifest one's dreams or desires. Interestingly, crystal skulls are either despised or adored. Meditation using a crystal skull will lead to an increase in psychic visions and powerful premonitions.

Benefits of a Fluorite Crystal Skull

Fluorite crystals are highly cleansing and purifying, making them an ideal tool for stabilizing your aura. Fluorite comes in various types and colors, but primarily its appearance is streaked with purple, turquoise, white, and green. Fluorite gets its name from its magical glowing appearance when held under a UV light. This crystal is a must as it can reduce stress and neutralize any negative energies surrounding you. Fluorite is also perfect when you need additional aid in concentration for school or work. Suppose you are making a difficult decision, such as which job position you should accept. In that case, Fluorite can be an excellent help to you.

Fluorite is a crystal that exudes balance, improving your physical coordination. This crystal can go even further by promoting positive energies around you, ultimately bringing balance to any surrounding negative energy. Restorative Fluorite can boost your immune system while providing your skin and respiratory tract regeneration properties. Other physical benefits include fluorite strengthening bones and tissues of the body.

A stone of mesmerizing physical beauty, Fluorite is also known as one of the most powerful healing crystals. A Fluorite crystal skull can bring good health and well-being to those who utilize it. Offering protection and stabilization, Fluorite is quite useful in promoting grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. It is able to give mental strength, increase concentration, and reduce any negative thoughts. This crystal can be used while working with the upper chakras of the body. It can increase any innate intuitive abilities and foster a stronger connection to spirit. This crystal is essential as it also encourages self-discovery and well-being.

Fluorite acts as a link between your human mind and the universal consciousness. This is all possible due to the balancing properties of the Fluorite skull crystal. It is able to act as an anchor where you are able to activate intuitive insights from the spiritual realm without ever leaving the physical one. Additionally, Fluorite is thought to offer not only spiritual protection but also physical protection against wavelengths. Fluorite is said to shield you from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. 

How to Use a Fluorite Crystal Skull

Fluorite skull crystals are considered to be one of nature's most powerful healers, especially in relation to the mind. You will receive the best results from a Fluorite crystal skull when you place it anywhere near your head. Some have placed it under their pillow to gain a calm and relaxed mind before bed. This crystal will facilitate a peaceful night's rest. Another way to use a Fluorite crystal skull is through your meditation or manifestation practice. As you lay on the floor to focus and visualize connection with your higher self, place your Fluorite skull on your forehead or chest to readily absorb its wonderful properties. A fluorite skull crystal will quickly promote balance and access to your intuitive abilities when it is within close proximity to your head or heart.

Interesting Crystal Skull Facts

The origin of crystal skulls is believed by many to be rather ancient, but scientific research has proven that the majority of these skulls originated around the time of the mid-19th century. This is in part due to the extreme fascination with Mayan and Aztec culture by Europeans during this time. This marked the beginning of rocks or stones being carved into skull crystals
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