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Top Astrologers to Follow on TikTok

Top Astrologers to Follow on TikTok - Fortune Luck Success

Astrology is something that connects you with the actual personality within you. Knowing more about predictions about the zodiac makes it easy for people to work accordingly. Many astrologers share their thoughts on several platforms, such as TikTok. So let us find out about the Top Astrologers to follow on TikTok for exact facts.

Top astrologers to follow on TikTok

Among all the top astrologers, Aastrokit is one who spread amazing information with the people. This account holds almost 202K followers. Aastrokit shares regular updates with the fans via funny videos.

All the videos updates about the aesthetics and zodiac signs. The account also shares information about the lunar cycle and astrological facts. For the entertainment purposes of the viewers, some videos are related to holiday gifts.

Several fans look forward to making duets with Aastrokit and sharing the experience of following this account and the major advantages they came across using the information collected via Aastrokit's video on TikTok.

  • Likes.Plants

Rosalie like plants is another account that you can look forward to follow for astrology facts. This account holds almost 188.3 K followers and nearly 2 million likes.

She amazingly makes videos on the tricks that can help the viewer in many ways to overcome the basic problems. She is known as the witch of greens and surrounds herself with nature.

TikTok video made by Rosalie shares the zodiac features of the plants and how these green plants can help to make life happier.

  • Runawaygerm

Runawaygerm is the account handled by Shaina. She has a huge fan following of almost 16 K users. Viewers like the video made by her as she shares the ranking and facts of all 12 zodiac signs.

Her videos include fun and features about the life chart and dates that can be proved to be the best time of your life. The recent video made by Shaina crossed almost 400 K likes as viewers found it an interesting way to keep themselves updated about the Zodiac facts and general phenomena that most of the astrologers hesitate to share.

  • Mielakv

Another amazing account is handled by Kai that is @Mielakv. She never fails to share the importance of zodiac signs in our life.

The main agenda of her videos is to share that how the zodiac sign affects our body and which part is weaker or stronger according to astrology.

She also shares about the daily routine for the viewer to follow as per the zodiac to maintain self-care. The peace of mental health is important in one's life, so all the facts that are controlled by the zodiac signs are completely found in Kai's TikTok Video. She holds almost 58K followers with almost 500K likes on the videos as she believes in the power of healing.

  • Astro_laurie

If you are interested in knowing about astrological events that Astro_laurie is the best account to follow. Laurie founds herself close to rivers, so the main motive is to share about the cosmic tides.

The actual motive of Laurie's video is to share about the upcoming astrological events and their advantages and disadvantages, particularly for every zodiac sign.

Also, viewers can check for the astrological calendars on her account and the best time to maintain their own event. Laurie allows the fans to ask the question about the horoscopes. She has 28 k followers and gets almost 300k likes on every post.

  • Ascendsun

Ascendsun is the account of Sun. He is an astrologer whose main agenda is to clear the myth related to astrology. The videos made by him are funny but contains all information about the planet locations and their upcoming moves.

Sun tries to use content related to the myth that people hold in their hearts and clears them by sharing the exact theory behind it. He has a family of 20 K followers, and the team helps the fans to grab all astrological information by organizing webinars for free.

  • Freesoulexpressions

This account handler is Em, with 36 K followers. However, she does not believe in making typical videos by sharing details of the zodiac signs.

But she never fails to impress the fans by showing the actual meaning of constellation using the power of art and theme related to the universe. She also shares the importance of constellation in peoples life and runs over the art business for the free souls that want to connect with the galaxy with the help of art.

  • Verse

Yellow.verse is handled by Kayle, an astrologer who is famous for sharing her personal experience. The account allows the fans to ask questions related to astrology that will be surely answered by the Kayle in the upcoming videos.

She tries to share the information about the personalities that the zodiac sign shows in the particular situation. Also, she appreciates the opinion of the viewer and makes the video according to them. His own personality is the best example of Capricorn people. And the astrological lessons can help you to learn about zodiac signs deeply.

She has almost 28 K followers, and all the videos are opinion-based, and information shared by her is never baseless, and Kayle never forgets to share the proof in the video or caption.


So here are astrologers that you can follow for all the updates. Every astrologer holds uniqueness as some share about the zodiac whereas other tries to explain about planet locations. So stay updated.

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