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How to survive Mercury Retrograde

How to survive Mercury Retrograde - Fortune Luck Success

Saying bad thing at the wrong time is a common problem. In the heavens, there's a reason: Mercury retrograde is the term given to this cosmic phenomenon, and it will occur four times in 2022.

Mercury will go retrograde in Aquarius on January 14, 2022, beginning the year's first Mercury retrograde. On Tuesday, January 25, the planet will enter Capricorn, where it will remain until February 2nd. Miscommunications, technology breakdowns, and travel difficulties are all likely during Mercury's retrograde passage. Mercury's shadow era started on Wednesday, Dec 29, 2021, even though the very first Mercury retrograde of year technically begins on Friday, January 14. We started to feel the impacts of retrograde during this time, but they were not as strong as when things were in full swing.

What is Mercury retrograde and how does it affect you?

A fast-moving planet, Mercury is named after the Roman goddess who functioned as a messenger to the gods. Mercury is the planet that oversees communication, travel, and technological advancement. It aids in the transmission of communications by allowing us to manage both what we express or how we perceive what we get from many other people. Mercury appears to move backward with in sky 3 - 4 times a year, depending on the season. Whereas other planets also move retrograde, this specific retrograde has the capacity to cause problems for everything and everything that has to do with communicating and transmitting information. The fact that Mercury is resting allows us to catch our breath despite the upheavals.

What is the Retrograde Vibe?

This month's retrograde occurs in Aquarius, the sign of collaboration, connection, platonic partnerships, and forward-thinking technology. Prep for tons of #backwardsday energy in your friendships, social media, and projects or collaborations with others.

We're also in the Aquarius Stellium, where six planets are currently in Aquarius. It means lots of Aquarian energy pouring around, working for the greater good.

Continue reading to learn how to #thrive through such a retrograde and emerge higher-vibe than before.


You're used to blazing ahead, both toes on the gas, no brakes. However, this fearless forward drive can also be the downfall when caution & patience are required. This retrograde is in your 11th house of networking, so you may need to slow down when working on collaborative projects, or even with pals.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Let the fire return to a gradual process before reacting to any annoying messages or situations.


You, the dominant earth sign, are anchored, solid, and enjoy the familiar. You dislike change and prefer a sense of security. So you dislike Mercury Retrograde's erratic plans, muddled signals, and muddled communication. The retrograde falls in the 10th house of career, indicating a shift in your workplace.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Now that your energies are firmly in the career house, focus on performing your finest work.


Because Mercury is the ruling planet, the retrograde impacts you the most. But you're an expert of change and can find a way around when your main road is blocked. You may feel so compelled to enhance your knowledge or talents due to Mercury retrograde in the ninth sector of adventure & higher understanding. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Use the powerful powers of development and expansion to extend your horizons and discover more of yourself and the passions.


Mercury retrograde in your sign can be a turbulent time. That means the sensitive nature will just be tested, possibly in tight relationships.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Being an emotional person is both a curse and a blessing. Weakened by your own and others' emotions, you have an unique capacity to tune into others' emotions. Feelings are invited to enter up, be acknowledged, or be discharged without judgement during Mercury retrograde.


This Mercury retrograde is in the seventh house of relations, which may produce some turbulence. Don't withdraw when problems arise in your relationships or friendships. Give others the benefit of a doubt and believe the good in them.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: You can bring wonderful light and warmth or icy cold as you retreat. Keep nurturing your brightness so you can radiate warmth and joy to the world.


You, the Goddess of order, despise disorder. Mercury's destructive energy is an unwanted bull in your carefully organized china store. Your sign reigns over the sixth house of wellness, so you may channel the cosmic energy into serious self-care.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Consider crystal sound baths, tasty ginger oat milk lattes, energizing salt washes, and lots more time blissing out.


This retrograde is in your 5th house of passion and love, so expect sarcastic love messages from exes, significant déjà vu experiences with a partner, and old friends reappearing. Embrace surprises as required breaks in your everyday routine during Mercury retrograde.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Relationships are your greatest priority, so focus on talking effectively and demonstrating your love.


You, as a solid sign, dislike the chaotic energy of retrograde, but you're also resourceful and adaptable. This Mercury retrograde is in the fourth sector of family, so unexpected twists may occur with a loved one.


How to survive + grow in this retrograde: You may appear harsh, yet your scorpion nature is extremely emotional and intuitive.


You're already missing your usual wanderlust-filled, trip lifestyle (thanks COVID), so retrograde can't cause any more havoc. You may get confusing texts, skipped phone calls, and plan modifications due to this one.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Travel and adventure are put on hold during COVID and Mercury retrograde. Recognize that your grounding is transient and create a shelter right where you have been.


You, the tireless achiever, dislike anything that breaks the multi-step master plan. Meet Mercury retrograde, the storm which threatens to undo all your planning. Now this falls in the second house of money, possibly causing issues.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Allowing for some spontaneity in your plans may be precisely what you need! Plan your budget, double-check your cash flow, and also be open to unforeseen income streams.


This month's retrograde falls in your sign, giving you the perfect excuse to embrace your freakiness. With cosmic energy in the corner, let go of any self-imposed constraints, fear, or judgment, do or be exactly what you've always wanted.

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Mercury causes disturbance, but let these detours to steer you in the right way. Absorb what life is offering you and follow your instincts, irrespective of what others say.


Because you're the zodiac's intuitive – fully attuned to boundless consciousness – Mercury may deliver confused messages and miscommunications. It's an inexhaustible wellspring of wisdom & love that may bring serenity and solace in a mercury storm. In the twelfth house of spirituality, Mercury is retrograde. This is your retrograde!

How to survive + grow in this retrograde: Now more than ever, tune out the world and trust your gut. To channel the artistic energy flow, take time to rest your mind whenever you feel agitated or out of balance. Now is the time for crystal powers, meditation, tarot, and mental relaxation.


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