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Best Crystals Gifts for Birthdays

Best Crystals Gifts for Birthdays - Fortune Luck Success

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If you dabble in the metaphysical world, you may already know the perks of owning a crystal collection. For one, some stones are powerful enough to help you attract self compassion while others can ward off negative spirits. Each crystal has their own set of magical properties that aid you in different areas of life, making them the perfect item to spice up your life, and make for even better gifts. Next time you have a birthday celebration to attend, consider creating a crystal sachet full of gemstones that can help them attract anything from love, serenity, and to keep them out of harm’s way. Just be sure you’re browsing shops that ethically source their crystals!

Selenite — Selenite crystals are a staple in any growing crystal collection and is said to be one of the most powerful. These stones are used for cleansing your aura, clearing your mind and your space. This is good for those looking for peace and clarity, especially in situations where they might feel torn or hazy. It can also help you tap into a higher state of consciousness, making it perfect for friends who meditate or are into manifesting.

Rose Quartz — Rose quartz are notorious for their properties of love — more specifically, selflove. These rose-colored stones are associated with the heart chakra, so its main properties are to promote unconditional love, in all of its forms, including romantic and platonic. It reminds you of your worth and helps heal emotional wounds. It’s also good to inspire healthy relationships and boost peaceful feelings. These stones are perfect to share the love and encourage self-compassion.

Citrine — Citrine crystals are an emblem of hope and happiness. This natural, bright and yellow stone is meant to spread joy and to rid its carrier of any hard feelings of anger, worry, or sadness. It’s here to remind you of those peaceful bouts of joy that make life such a beautiful ride. This crystal is perfect to help you recenter your attention on pure happiness by promoting a healthy dose of optimism, making it a perfect gift for anyone, but especially those who live a stressful life or who may need a consistent reminder to stay positive.

Amethyst — Amethyst crystals are essential to any crystal collection because of its claims of mindfulness, protection, and strengthening intuition. Amethysts are a well-rounded stone that can be good for almost any occasion, which makes it perfect to carry around in a sachet or even gifted as a necklace. Not only do these crystals claim to provide mental clarity during hazy moments, but it’s said to activate your third eye and raise your spiritual intuition. This makes a great gift for people who wants to step into spiritual awareness.

Peridot — Peridots are said to help heal emotional pains and are a symbol of friendship. This is a powerful stone that helps you release harmful feelings of jealousy and resentment, giving you clarity and a more compassionate state of mind. Not only that, but it’s also said to heal struggling friendships and to strengthen relationships that might be plagued with jealousy or other negative feelings. Peridots are good for people who want to move against negative thoughts and into a world of empathy and friendship.

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