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The Talismans of King Solomon

The Talismans of King Solomon - Fortune Luck Success
King Solomon is attributed with the conception of 44 distinct talismans, which uses vary from gaining material wealth to conquering your enemies. When you wear or adopt these symbols into your life, you may find that the power of these talismans will bring forward whatever your intention may be. This practice is an ancient one, rooted in the old lore of many religions. If the use of practical magick is of interest to you, read on! 
Historical and Religious Context: Who was King Solomon?
Son of King David, King Solomon is a powerful religious figure in the Christian, Judaism, and Islam religions. Religious texts state that he was the King of Israel from around 971 B.C. to 930 B.C. It should be noted that although there is little archeological evidence of his reign during this time, this is the commonly accepted time range.  
Among many other things, King Solomon was known to be the wisest and wealthiest man who ever lived. King Solomon would often pray to God to grant him wisdom. It seemed that he prized this trait above all else. He already possessed vast riches and ultimate power but was always keen on seeking more wisdom so he could better rule God’s people. 
King Solomon is credited with constructing the world’s first Jewish Temple, which became the center of the Jewish faith. It was an elaborate, lavish space of worship but was subsequently burned down some 450 years later by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. 
King Solomon is also said to have authored many portions of the Old Testament of the Bible, including many proverbs, Psalms, and the entire books of Ecclesiastes and Song for Songs. To this day, he and his wisdom remain a prominent figurehead in many worldwide religions. 
The Key of Solomon 
The Key of Solomon is the instructional and educational book that is broken down into two parts: 
1.       The first portion details various prayers, rituals, and curses that call forth spirits of the dead in order to follow through on the conjurer’s will.  
2.       The second half is where he describes the different talismans and their various uses. 
When we talk or make reference to the King Solomon’s talismans or seals, we are referencing his work in The Key of Solomon.
What are Talismans?
Simply put, talismans, or seals, are objects or symbols charged with magickal intention. Their use pre-dates most modern religion and they have been widely adopted across multiple cultures and belief systems. Tradition notes that they may have many purposes, such as: 
·        Physical and spiritual protection 
·        Warding off demonic presences 
·        Healing sickness
·        Charging things like food and water (for consumption) with medicinal properties
·        Gaining material wealth
·        Overcoming hardships 
·        Finding love
·        Connecting to God 
·        And so on…
Each talisman will have its unique meaning to serve the purpose of its user. 
The 44 Talismans
It is widely accepted that there are 44 talismans attributed to King Solomon. They are a collection of symbols comprised of Hebrew words and letters, numerical imagery, geometric shapes, and other symbols that work to invoke their unique properties. Their uses are varied, but their impact is universally powerful. 
Each talisman assigned to planetary energies and named to reflect as such. The set of 44 begins with the First Pentacle of Saturn and ends with the Sixth Pentacle of the Moon. Along with planets, they are associated with a day of the week, a color, a candle color, and specific angels. 
Let’s take a look at the Fifth Pentacle of Saturn, for example: 
This seal is said to protect its user against evil spirits and safeguard your personal belongings. It is associated with Saturday, the planetary energy of Saturn, and the color black. Additionally, the names of the angels are written in the outer edges of the square symbol and are as follows:
·        Noaphiel: An enhancer to the other angels. 
·        Roelhaiphar: The preventer of tragedy. 
·        Rakhanial: Bestower of will and wisdom. 
·        Arehanah: Guidance towards a proper life. 
Additionally, there is a Hebrew inscription going counterclockwise that reads: “For the Lord, your God is God of gods and Lord of Lords, the great God, might and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes,” from Deuteronomy 10.17. 
All pieces of the talisman work in conjunction with one another to grant you your intention. They are directions for the universe to receive your will and translate it back to you. All talismans and seals are imbued with divine power to help you access the necessary the vibrations you are calling upon. 
 As you can see, each seal is incredibly dense with information, wisdom, knowledge, and guidance.  
Charging Your Seals
In order for your talisman’s power to take hold, you must charge it. Every seal has an accompanying ritual to invoke the magick of the symbols. The rituals typically include the use of an altar, candle, incense, and the conviction of several prayers or chants. 
Let’s take a look at the Fifth Pentacle of Saturn and its associated ritual*: 
1.       Place your Talisman in the center of your altar. The black candle will sit to the right and set some incense to the left. 
2.       Light your black candle. 
3.       Light your incense. 
4.       Hold your talisman in both hands. 
5.       Visualize what protection from harm feels like or you. 
6.       Recite the following: 
““For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes.”
7.       Invoke the divine spirits imbued on the seal: 
“You, the most powerful and holy name of Eloha Jehovah, with your power I as that you protect my comings and goings through this mighty seal of your servant King Solomon. Amen.”
8.       Invoke the angels: 
“Oh Benevolent angel Arehanah I ask and command you in the name of King Solomon your lord that you be my guide that I will remain safe and the choices I make will be made for my highest good. So be it By Eloha Jehovas name. 
To you angel Rakhaniel I ask and command you in the name of King Solomon your lord that you also give me the wisdom to keep myself self and that if a situation or person is not good for me, that you will give me the foresight to remove myself from the situation or person. Hear Me Now! 
You the Great Angel Roelhaiphar In the name of the almighty I ask you to protect me from all manner of danger and that tragedy will not befall me. In the name of this great seal, you will heed my call. 
You angel Noaphiel, I bind you to this seal in the name of King Solomon your master to protect me So Mote it be.”
9.       Picture the bright, powerful light of God coursing through your body by means of the top of your head. Release this light into the talisman sitting in your hands. 
10.   Place the seal back onto your altar and say: 
““Go you angels of this mighty seal, go and protect me from all dangers that may come across my path, in the name of Eloha Jehovah. Amen.”
11.   Let the candle and incense burn out naturally. Once they are extinguished, feel free to wear and use your talisman as you please. Consider placing it in your pocket or making it into a necklace. 
*Ritual instructions are abridged from The Magic Talismans of King Solomon by Baal Kadmon.
Are King Solomon’s Seals right for me?
With 44 distinct talismans to choose from, King Solomon’s seal can be made useful by anyone. The versatility of their functions allows their users to apply almost piece of their life to them. If you are looking to further your interest and application of magick, the talismans of King Solomon are a great place to start. 
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